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    JLC Consulting has won hundreds of millions of dollars in federal, state, local and education contracts. We have won contracts in multiple states, we are not just limited to our local jurisdiction. If you're doing business with the government, or want to, then you need to contact JLC today to schedule an appointment for your free consultation. 



Streamlined bidding process

Responding to public sector solicitations with a polished, comprehensive, compliant and value-packed proposal make you stand out and increase your evaluation scoring. Streamlining & standardizing your bidding strategy, processes and templates is an invaluable tool that allows you to increase your bidding frequency and revolutionize the way you do business. Every outside/inside sales person or pre-sales engineer can be given the resources and training to become a well oiled bidding machine. We can also integrate your bidding process into your existing or build you a new CRM so you can track every step of the process. 

Proposal responses 

Business executives such as yourself have a core business to run and may not have the staff, experience or time to expand your revenue potential through government bidding. You really want to get access to the public sectors deep pockets but don't know how to start. Some of you do have the staff but you want to increase your bidding frequency or branch out into new public sector entities. Either way, JLC Consulting can help by responding to government and education solicitations on your behalf. We have a meticulous methodology that we apply to procurements of any size. JLC writes both business and technical proposal responses for you, manages all deliverables, assures compliance, and gets you the best score possible!

Compliance reviews 

Every solicitation has some level of compliance that is required. Some solicitations have very high levels of compliance. These are typically pass / fail requirements. If you make any mistake on this, your bid proposal can be thrown out before it can even be read. There's nothing more demoralizing or embarrassing. Double-check whether you've met all of compliance criteria by having JLC do a compliance review before you submit your proposal so that your bid gets the attention it deserves. 

Complete proposal audits

Complete proposal audits take advantage of the same services as our compliance review, except with complete audits we review your entire proposal prior to submission and offer advice and edits. Customers want to know that the vendor they are awarding pays attention to detail, takes pride in their work, is a consummate professional, and are responding to their specific needs. Complete proposal auditing is the most cost conscious way to insure that your bid is the best it can be.  


Some government solicitations require research to prepare a winning technical and price proposal response. Discount off of MSRP price proposals can vary wildly between respondents.  We offer competitive research to see what other businesses are selling the products or services that you offer. JLC also offers research on budgets, historical purchasing and spending, incumbents & competitor assessments. 

Contract administration

Most contracts require some level of reporting and compliance, some more laborious than others. Usually these are monthly or quarterly.  Contracts also frequently require modifications, change orders or renewals.  If you work with resellers you may also require reporting and compliance documentation from them as well to fulfill contract requirements. Long-term contracts are frequently audited and require a great deal of attention. Take that burden off of your shoulders, let JLC Consulting administrate your contract for you.  

HUB or MB/WBE partnerships 

Government entities are often required to attempt to achieve a percentage of their contract be awarded to small, minority, woman owned and other disadvantaged businesses.  There are often hoops to jump to do your due diligence to meet that procurement percentage.  Even if you already are a disadvantaged business, you still often need to jump through those hoops anyway if you aren't going to be doing 100% of your work without the use of subcontractors.  Let us help you locate and vet qualified, licensed and insured subcontractors that help you and the government achieve their set aside goals. 


Larger procurements often require that a short-list of the best scoring respondents come to present their case and conduct demos of the products / solutions.  If you're at this stage of the procurement then you have just as much a chance to win as your competitors.  You need to set yourself apart from them and make a stellar first impression.  JLC is dynamic, creative, intuitive & technical consultant that can pull every piece of your solution together to project a cohesive message about why you are the best choice. We make powerful first impressions. We know how to make the evaluation team feel trust and confidence. If you have a looming presentation or want a template ready for future presentations, JLC is here to help. 

NOTE:   For multiple award contracts JLC may work with multiple bidders. There is a strict confidentiality agreement between JLC and all parties. We do not release our clients names or data under any circumstances. We do not create templates from your response and reuse it on others. If the proposal response you have contracted JLC to consult on is for a single award, we will only work with one respondent to avoid any perceived bias. 

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JLC Consulting does not offer contract & procurement consulting for General Administration Services (GSA) Schedules. There are hundreds of consultants that specialize in GSA solicitation responses. We highly recommend that you do research on GSA consultants because not all are as good as they claim to be unfortunately.  We are glad to help those who already have GSA schedules respond to federal solicitations.