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Contracts & Procurement

If you want grow public sector sales, then look no further. JLC has a winning track record securing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal, state, school and local contracts. We want to do that for you! Find out how we accomplish our mission to get you the best score possible on your response evaluation so you increase your win rates exponentially. 

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Sales & Marketing

We know well that as small business and startups, you face the time and financial constraints it takes to run the core of an organization. Consequentially investment into building your brand & implementing a sales strategy can go by the wayside. But we all know that securing new customers is essential to thrive. Find out how JLC can build your reputation, get you recognition, increase your sales, and streamline your sales processes. 

 Business Operations

In startups and small business we know you have to wear many hats and ask your employees to do the same. With limited resources having an established workflow process is key to keeping your operational costs down while increasing value to your employees and customers. Strong business operations save money immediately, but over time the savings increase exponentially.  Find out how JLC can revolutionize the way you do business.

Project Management 

A fantastic project manager is a gift to any service organization. We know exactly how quickly you can lose your margin if you have a project manager that makes mistakes.  As a business owner, you can't always know what is going on until it's too late. What if you had a standardized project management plan? What if you had someone who could audit projects? Have you thought about automation and transparency? Find out how we can do that and more for your organization. 

Executive Consulting 

Sometimes its hard to see the forest for the trees, and you want input and perspective from someone outside of your organization who has been in your shoes. Sometimes you just want a sounding board that will take everything in, process it and give you well informed, unbiased, honest feedback and advice.  Sometimes you need someone to come in and help you implement big organizational changes. Find out what executive advisory looks like with JLC. 

Licensing & Certifications 

You're a small, minority and/or woman owned business and want to take advantage of set asides, mentor-protege programs and increase subcontracting opportunities.  Applying for and managing these certifications can be a major time consumer, time you don't have. JLC will work with you to obtain these certifications & administrate compliance and reporting requirements. 

Find out how we can also help businesses looking to move into security and fire system markets obtain & manage a state license.