JLC Consulting, Inc.

JLC Website Use and Privacy Policy

Version updated October 2021

JLC Consulting, Inc. (JLC) is committed to providing our visitors full transparency on how we collect and utilize their data. We recommend that visitors to our site review our Use and Privacy Policy periodically as it may be updated to reflect new laws, regulations, standards, and technological advances. The words “Data,” and “Information,” are used interchangeably. Using our website indicates that visitors have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions herein. All visitors to this website are required to act in a lawful manner in accordance with all federal, state, local, and municipal laws, and regulations. Users who do not adhere to this policy may find that their IP address or domain are from accessing JLC’s website in the future.


Use of the JLC Website’s Content:

JLC retains all rights to the original content within this website. Content may be copyrighted for use by JLC and its authorized users only. Use of web scraping or blatant direct theft of this website’s content, the repurposing of original media or copy, or otherwise using content herein without express permission is strictly prohibited. This includes using it in direct competition to JLC, with the intent on lowering JLC’s SEO rankings, to cause our website performance to slow, or for fraudulent purposes. JLC reserves the right to employ services which will scan the web for duplications, plagiarism, and/or to employ a bot detector. Detection of such thefts may result in legal action.



Visitors will note that JLC uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption certificate to ensure that visitor’s devices have a secure connection to our JLC website, establishing a layer of protection to prevent our visitors from becoming a victim to scammers. Currently (as of October 2021) JLC does not accept payment through this website, however if in the future we do, visitors who enter their credit card information into our site’s portals* should verify that the site has a current working SSL certificate which can be indicated by having a “https,” instead of “http,” prefix to our website address and shows a lock icon. Other safeguards have been put in place to make a good-faith effort to ensure all information shared by visitors to JLC is protected. Data provided by visitors through this website shall be stored on secure servers hosted by industry leading third-party providers and is not maintained on local servers managed by JLC. Information provided by visitors will be managed in the strictest of confidence and prohibited to unauthorized users. A limited number of JLC employees may have access to our visitor data, and those JLC employees are required by legal Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to keep information in the strictest of confidence. JLC does not have access to passwords or credit card numbers, which will be processed directly through a third-party merchant service and not stored in our local records.


JLC cannot be responsible for outages, breaches, loss of data, malware, viruses, or other cybercrime due to third-party providers, terrorism, or acts of God. Malicious actors will be immediately reported to the authorities. Should any visitor’s data be compromised due to malicious actors breaching our website or by issues caused by our third-party providers, JLC will make every attempt to notify all affected visitors right away.


While the services and content provided within JLC’s website is neither explicit or offensive, we nevertheless take the safety and security of minors seriously and we do not market our services to children.


JLC’s Policy on Discrimination:  

JLC values every person’s right to be safe and secure, and we proudly stand by the equal treatment of people of all races, nationalities, sexual orientations, genders, religions, income levels, and creeds. JLC has a zero tolerance policy for behaviors and content that do not conform to our values whether created by visitors, JLC employees, partners, or resources linked through out site. Any party that expresses language or other content deemed to be hateful, sexist, dog whistles, threatening, or anything else similarly offensive will be blocked immediately, and the content removed. When possible, those persons committing the offense will be notified for the reason that they have been expelled from using our website and/or services, and that correspondence and content will be kept in our legal records. If the content is so egregious, JLC reserves the right to notify authorities and/or take civil action. If any visitor to our website believes that JLC has not lived up to our values or has overlooked disallowed content, we humbly request that they contact us immediately at with a link and/or description of the inappropriate content. JLC will investigate the matter swiftly, and we will contact the notifying sender to inform them of the actions taken and how we intend to improve in the future. 


Third-Party Services Used by JLC:  

JLC does not store or process any visitor data and/or personally identifiable information (PII) on our own internal servers. The third-party software, integrations, and services which we utilize for the purposes of creating, operating, maintaining, monitoring, collecting, tracking, advertising, administrating, processing, and chatting through our website are provided by industry leaders including:

-  Zoho Corporation

-  Microsoft Corporation

-  Google

-  Facebook

-  Instagram

-  LinkedIn

-  Twitter  

-  GoDaddy

-  Chase Bank’s We Pay  


This list is subject to be modified at any time. Inquiries can be sent to to get up to date lists of services used by JLC.  


Links to Other Websites:

JLC does not sell third-party products or services on our website, however we may provide links to external websites not controlled, governed, or operated by JLC. When a visitor chooses to follow a link to leave JLC’s website we recommend that they familiarize themselves with that website owner’s privacy policy & use of services because JLC’s use, and privacy policy statement does extend to external websites not owned or operated by JLC. JLC cannot be responsible or liable for visitor’s protection or privacy outside of JLC owned and operated domains. JLC cannot vouch for the security measures of third-party services used by non-JLC website links.


Cookies and How We Use Them:

Cookies are ubiquitous when browsing the internet. Generally speaking, “Cookie,” is a term for a small packet of data (information) that a device receives from a website you visit, which it then sends back without alteration. Devices store Cookies as a file within the web browser being used (e.g. - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Bing, etc.). While most web browsers default to accepting cookies, preferences can be modified by navigating to the browser settings.  If Cookies is not readily visible as a choice on the main settings menu it can often be located under other menus such as privacy or security settings. Visitors should be aware, however, that declining Cookies may disrupt their ability to take full advantage of JLC’s website.


Not all Cookies do the same thing and are used for various activities.  Session Cookies are used only when our visitors are on our website.  Tracking Cookies retain longer term records of multiple visits to the same site by the same visitors. Authentication cookies track whether a user is logged in, and if so, under what name.


The reason why JLC’s website uses Cookies is to obtain greater insight into our visitor’s activity – and this is a good thing. Overall, Cookies provide our visitors a better experience when using our website by giving JLC the insight to improve our content and the value it provides to our visitors, while giving our visitors easier access to what they are trying to achieve.


When leaving JLC’s website, third-party apps such as Google Analytics, social media, or other sites may use their own Cookies and/or tracking tools. Platforms such as these often collect and disclose visitors’ data including PII. We recommend our visitors familiarize themselves with how third-party organizations collect and utilize their data and how you can opt-out through various privacy and security settings on their sites.


Cookies do not give JLC access to penetrate our visitor’s devices, applications, or network.


Information JLC May Collect:  

Depending on how visitors choose to use our website JLC may collect a varying degree of information. Basic information collected using Session and Tracking Cookies may include:


-  IP address

-  Domain

-  City, state, and country

-  Source: Direct, social media, Google, marketing campaigns, etc.

-  Page landed on

-  Pages visited

-  Number of visits

-  Time spent on site / pages

-  Footpath

-  Browser

-  Operating system


Other PII information may be collected through such features as chat, forms, opt-ins, surveys, marketing campaigns, or by using a secure portal* includes but is not limited to:

-  Name

-  Phone number

-  Email address

-  Organization

-  Other contact information

-  Visitor type

-  Chat history

-  Comments

-  Information added by visitors to password protected portals*.


What JLC Does with Visitor’s Data:  

Exemplary customer service and our ability to serve our visitors is paramount to JLC. To better understand our visitor’s needs we analyze the data we gather so that we may improve the content and services we provide. In order to do that we may use this information for various purposes such as:

-  Internal recordkeeping

-  Improving products and services

-  Improving website design and content

-  Following up through means such as live chat, emails, or phone calls.

-  Email marketing, newsletters, emerging news, and other related direct emails.

-  Advising about mandatory disclosures of information, mergers, or acquisitions as noted herein.  


Disclosure of Visitor Data:  

JLC may be compelled to provide data to federal, state, or local law enforcement in the event of a warrant, subpoena, or other lawful process. JLC may also use or disclose visitor data if we have a good-faith suspicion that actual illegal activities are being conducted by our visitors. JLC may also use visitor data to enforce current or future breaches or claims against agreements or contracts held between the visitor and JLC, or to defend ourselves against third-party claims. Should a visitor act maliciously, unlawfully, or otherwise threateningly, JLC reserves the right to protect, secure, and safeguard, ourselves, our clients, other visitors, and other entities facing threats from this malicious actor(s).


Otherwise, JLC does not directly sell, trade, lease, or transfer your PII to outside parties, including and especially to data brokers or outside advertisers. Only in the event that a visitor requests that their data be passed on to our partners shall JLC do so. If JLC believes that a visitor may find a third-party’s services useful, JLC will first reach out to the visitor to gain authorization to pass on their data. If no permission is granted, then JLC will not disclose the information. JLC cannot be responsible for any data provided by our visitors to other websites and/or platforms, even if they are directed to those sites by a link on the JLC website.


If JLC believes a disclosure is necessary for any of the above reasons we will make every reasonable effort to provide our visitors written notification unless prohibited by means of a lawful demand such as a court order or in the event of an emergent threat. If JLC believes, at our discretion, that a demand for our visitor’s data is lacking proper authority or clarity we may dispute such demands from the requesting authority. This challenge to authorities is not, and can never be guaranteed, however.


Mergers and Acquisitions:  

Should JLC have a change in control, be acquired by an outside organization, or merged with another entity, they shall have the right to access and utilize any and all visitor’s data provided to JLC as part of this action. We will make every attempt to notify all visitors who have provided their data so that they can make an informed decision to change control of their data as noted in the following paragraph.


Visitors Control Their Data:  

Unless prohibited by law or legal regulations, visitors have complete control over the data provided to JLC. All visitors are entitled to request a copy of any and all PII provided to or obtained by JLC. If visitors have provided information to JLC via this website, they may contact us at any time at to request JLC to take the following actions: 


-  Visitors may be asked to provide proof that they are not seeking this information fraudulently.

-  Visitors may request that their PII be deleted in full or in part.

-  Visitors may request their data be modified or corrected.

-  Visitors may request that the use of their data be limited or restricted in full.

-  Visitors may request data they believe is fraudulent, inaccurate, or unlawfully held should make us aware so that we can delete the information promptly and investigate so it would not occur again.

-  Visitors are given the opportunity to opt-out of any newsletters, informational notifications, or marketing activity.




* As of October 2021, JLC Consulting does not have a member’s only portal linked through the website. In the future should JLC add a "member’s portal," these provisions shall be covered under the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.