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Jessica L. Clark
Professional & Academic Portfolio

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An Unconventional Start to an Accomplished Career

      At just nineteen years old, after leaving art college and with no experience, Jessica took a job as a temporary receptionist with a small IT value-added reseller (VAR). She was quickly hired permanently and joined the marketing team. Having no shortage of moxie, she began reading the proposals she was designing collateral materials for and started asking questions. She had won a $70 million federal contract within a year, her first of many. Working for a small company, she was involved in nearly every facet of the business, including marketing, public relations, business development, sales, government contracts, administration, and operations. 


     The ability to try something completely foreign and excel at it led her to become a founding member of a startup IT/physical security integrator. Tapping into her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, she built and operated a business growing almost 200% within a few years, earning industry awards and winning tens of millions of dollars in government business. She sustained quality during explosive growth because she fostered a culture of collaboration and never stopped innovating and adapting business operations, processes, and tools. 

     A proponent of continuous improvement, Jessica earned her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2021. She is enrolled in college, upskilling to earn a degree in writing and rhetoric with a minor in political science. She volunteers at the Denton Community Food Center every week. Her passions are community service, reading, writing, art, technology, and traveling with her family. 

​Professional Career


SMAC Data Systems

Manufacturer & IT VAR

Marketing, Contracts, Executive Assistant


Sigma ITPD / Sigma Systems

IT Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Director of Marketing and Contracts


Sigma Surveillance STS360

Security and IT Systems Integrator

Chief Operating Officer


J.L.C. Consulting

Business Consultant

Principal Consultant

20+ Years Experience

Jessica started her career over twenty years ago in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. 

Demonstrated Business Growth

Jessica has grown startups and small companies to multi-million dollar businesses. 

Certified and Licensed

Jessica is a certified Project Management Professional and has a security license in TX.

Proposal Master

Jessica has led and written winning DoD, Fed, and SLED proposals worth Approx. $300 million.  

Design Thinker

Jessica knows there's no such thing as a problem, just a challenge in search of a solution.

Continuous Improvement

Jessica promotes continuous improvement in herself and her work.

​Professional Career Publications 

Over the years Jessica has been interviewed for articles, had her achievements noted in the press, been featured in a cover story, and has published articles and reviews. 

Professional Awards

As part of her marketing and public relations efforts Jessica has written successful nominations for various business awards. This includes awards from professional organizations, trade magazines, and national magazines. 

Book Review
PM World Journal
May 2022

2019 Consultant of the Year
Best of Lake Dallas
Nov. 2019

What a Few Integrators Think
Dealer Strategies
Sept. 2014

Security at Warp Speed
Dealer Strategies 
May 2014

Growth Squared
SD&I Magazine

March 2014

​New COO

Security Informed
Jan. 2014

Behind the Bars
Security Today - Sept. 2013

INC5000 Rankings
INC Magazine 
2012 & 2013

Four Aspects of a Winning VMS
Security Magazine
Mar. 2013

Fast50's STS Makes INC Listing
​Security Infowatch
Aug. 2012

Fast50 Awards
SD&I Magazine
Mar. 2012

How to Improve Your Image
Security Management
Mar. 2011

Visit Jessica's LinkedIn page for additional articles and awards. 

​Academic Work

​Papers and Writing Samples 

Writing samples from academic assignments are constantly being updated, so keep checking back for more! All work is original and not authorized to be copied or used without permission. 

Harpers Ferry, A Cradle of American Identity, July 2022. 

Assignment: Write a ~2000 word researched essay that would identify, analyze, and critique a specific location students had visited. Students were to consider the history, controversies, issues, or problems related to this place. All sources were to be cited in MLA format. Grade received: A. 

Professor's Comments:  I think you are in an incredibly unique position - in that you are far more advanced than these writing assignments are made for. I do not think I ever anticipated having a student such as yourself in a class - You probably could have written this paper in your sleep and still blown away every single student in this class, as well as past, present, and future. I know how hard you worked on this, and it shows. It was such a lovely paper to read.

Millville, June 2022.   

Assignment: Write a personal reflective narrative essay telling a story about a place of significance. Students were asked to discuss how the place influenced them, shaped their identity, and/or modified their outlook on the world. Students were asked to take the reader back into that place in the world, not just a day in the place. This is a "show," not "tell," essay.  Grade received: A-. 

Professor's Comments: I love the juxtapositions in your writing. Humor paired with entropy - well, that is splendid indeed. Now, this is clever; as time progresses, so does your narrative voice. In terms of mechanics, your thesis is exceptionally strong … and is continually woven throughout the interior paragraphs - almost as if a golden thread holds it all beautifully together. … you blew me away - you didn't just use adjectives, but your verbs, adverbs - are just beautifully interwoven throughout. Your conclusion is as equally strong is powerful and leaves a strong impression on your reader.  One of appreciation and a certain sense of sadness that it is over.  Isn't this the goal of any great writer? - This is by far a stellar essay. 

Texas College Towns, June 2022.   
Assignment: Choose a theme and collaborate with a team to create a researched essay, preferably with interviews and media. Each team member was required to write about a topic within the theme and take on other responsibilities. Jessica's other roles: Team leader, created a project plan, wrote the thesis statement used by teammate in the introduction, designed the slide deck, and developed the style sheet. Jessica's thesis: "In Texas, there are cities and small communities known as 'college towns.' They are called this because they are defined by, and fiercely loyal to, their local colleges and universities." 
Grade received: A.
Professor's Comments: Your topic is my favorite!  What honestly makes the presentation is your strong thesis - it captures the essence of a college town - having an excellent thesis is inherent to a good collaborative project. The content is also concise yet detailed. Your aesthetics/color scheme/format is uniform and looks as if one person did the project. What to say about your slides and design - BOOM!  Probably the best I have seen in three years of collaborative work!  I cannot love this more. 
(Components that Jessica didn't write are omitted. Her original designs remain in their place.) 

Video & Multimedia Projects

Project 1 - LinkedIn Training 

Course: Technical Customer Service (EECT 1300 0394). Assignment: Design and record a "technical training" video with a handout brochure. The training could not exceed 10min. Jessica  also created a web page. 

Grade: A

Professor's comment: "Absolutely Amazing - Excellent!!!"

The QR code can be scanned to access the companion website for the training project. 

The QR code can be scanned to access the survey created for the training project.

Project 2 - Good vs. Bad Technical Support

Course: Technical Customer Service (EECT 1300 0394) Assignment: Final collaborative project. Team members were to plan, write, and perform a skit demonstrating good and bad customer service. Team was graded on planning, project management, teamwork, writing, and execution. Jessica's roles: Team lead, created project plan, script editor, logo designer, and actor. 

Grade: A

Professor's Comment: "You are absolutely amazing. What a great team lead you were!"  

Nerd Herd logo designed by Jessica Clark. 

"Nerd Herd" name was created by Parker Graeber.

Kid's Academy logo designed by Jessica Clark. 

"Kid's Academy" name was created by Sunita Khanal.

​Skills & Competencies

Soft Skills

Ethics - integrity - honest and transparent - entrepreneurial - curious - creative - critical thinker - nimble - adaptable - problem solver - design thinker - flexible - reliable - exceptional communicator - high emotional intelligence - servant leader - collaborative - relationship builder - ENFP Myers-Briggs personality - conflict resolution - decisive but fair - sound judgement - energetic - supportive - intuitive - lifelong learner - highly organized - strong work ethic - influencer - negotiator - swift learner. 

Business Skills

Business planning and strategy - business administration - operations management - process improvement - change management - program management - project management - proposal management (Shipley method) - proposal writing - technical writing - contract management - capture planning - business development - sales - forecasting - develop and manage marketing campaigns - content creation - copywriting - website development - press relations - presentations - public speaking - training - procurement - event planning and execution - research.

Software & Technical Skills 

Proficient in the use of Microsoft Products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Teams, Visio, and OneNote. Proficient in the use of Adobe Acrobat Pro and intermediate in the use of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Proficient in the use of Salesforce CRM. Proficient in Zoho CRM, Campaigns, Books, Sites, Commerce, Projects, Sprints, Desk, Subscriptions, SalesIQ, Social, Forms, Survey, Sign, Meetings, Bookings and more. Proficient in Google Workspace including Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Intermediate to proficient in other software and technical services including but not limited to: Linux Fedora, Linux Ubuntu Server, VMWare, Oracle VirtualBox, Windows OS, NordVPN, DNS Management, QuickBooks,, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Calendly, Slack, Zoom, WebEx, Canvas, and more. Used SAP and Everest ERPs early in my career. 

Systems Design Skills

Designed and engineered medium (dozens) to large (thousands) integrated systems that included: PCs, servers, storage (attached and network), network switches, wireless networks, POE devices, low-voltage security devices (cameras, access control, alarm, detectors) video analytics, perimeter protection, mobile security and surveillance units, professional monitoring services, MDF and IDFs, Fiber optics, low-voltage CAT and coaxial cabling, power supplies, emergency power (high-voltage step downs), UPS, intercoms, visitation phone recorders, RFID tags, turnstiles, and security operations centers, networking monitoring systems, network intrusion detection systems,  among others. Able to read, interpret, and work with engineers, drafters and BIM teams to edit technical drawings and architectural drawings.