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Elevate Your Brand With LinkedIn

Thank you for joining Jessica Clark's LinkedIn training for beginners. You now have the foundational tools to start developing your professional brand.

Jessica provides 1:1 coaching services and advanced LinkedIn and personal branding training, so schedule a complementary meeting to learn more! 

Why does LinkedIn Matter?


49 Million Search for jobs on LinkedIn each day and 6 people are hired every minute. 


30 Million U.S. users login every day. 50% of users log in at least 1x per month.


77% of Marketers say LinkedIn produces the best organic results. 2nd closest is Facebook at 37%.


Only 9% of high school students use LinkedIn, giving those who do a significant head start.

2022 LinkedIn Statistics Source:     

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Download a full version PDF of the PowerPoint used in the training you attended.

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Refer back to the video of the virtual training at any time to keep it fresh in your memory. 

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Creating a Profile

Download the PDF we emailed to attendees on how to sign up with LinkedIn. 

Get Free LinkedIn Learning

Your library may offers free access to LinkedIn learning like the Lewisville Library does 

Tips and Tricks

Download a trifold brochure with tips, tricks and best practices. 

LinkedIn & Personal Branding Articles

How Do I Create a Good LinkedIn Profile? - LinkedIn

A LinkedIn profile is a great way for you to let people know who you are, what you stand for, and what you’re interested in. Your profile will be your personal storyboard where people can find you and stay updated on your activity, so make sure your profile is complete and representative of you.

Why Every High School Student Needs to be on LinkedIn -

American Association of Collegiate Admissions Officers, says more than 75% of colleges are looking at social media. A LinkedIn profile is your online portfolio of work and everything you’d want a college admissions officer to know.

Why Personal Branding Is More Important Than Ever - Forbes

Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand. When you Google yourself, what pops up? These results are the first impression people will have of you. Is it a good one?  The question is, do you want to allow your online reputation to take on a life of its own or control the narrative?

How Small Businesses and Freelancers can Leverage LinkedIn - LinkedIn

“LinkedIn is really helpful as a new business owner because you’re usually low on funding. There’s no cost, so when you ask people to connect with you, there’s no barrier to making that connection.” 

20 Steps to a Better LinkedIn Profile in 2022 - LinkedIn

20 profile features you should check and update for 2022. Some of them are very quick wins, some of them may take a little bit of time – but all of them are very worthwhile. They will help to give you the LinkedIn profile and personal brand that you deserve.

Why is a Personal Brand Important as an Employee? -

In the modern job market, a personal brand isn’t something reserved for sports stars, Hollywood celebs, and billionaires. A personal brand is becoming a necessary method for differentiating yourself, even for entry-level jobs.

Additional Content Creation Tools

Build content to gain exposure. Create a website to elevate your personal brand and blog to get more hits on search engine. Wix and similar services offer cheap and easy to build websites. Promote your site on social media to increase traffic. 

Be a Blogger

Build Content

To make extra money on the side check out sites like Upwork. There's a market for every skill and hobby that people will spend money on. Create a profile and start cashing in in your free time. Add these projects to your LInkedIn profile and resume.

Get a Gig

Add to Your Portfolio

You don't have to be an influencer to use YouTube as a tool to promote your personal brand. Show off your skills with short "how-to's", updates on work project, or review of articles or books that relate to your work industry, leadership, or other soft skills.  

Start a Vlog

Get Seen

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